In the mid-19th century, with the advent of the modern pharmacopoeia, the classic "medicinal” Amaro gradually abandoned its original curative function becoming an alcoholic beverage for drinking enjoyment, at the time jokingly referred to as the "medicine of healthy men".

This delicate alpine-style Amaro is invigorating and digestive. It expresses the powerful character of rhubarb and gentian, the balsamic notes of juniper enriched by numerous other herbs such as tansy, liquorice and vanilla.

700 ml

23% Vol.


Listed among the city's liqueur specialities as early as 1712, Rosolio became Turin’s pride and joy and as such was mentioned in various publications, both Italian and foreign. A prestigious and exclusive liqueur, it established itself as the classic “welcome drink” and was commonly served by Turin’s middle classes and nobility when socialising and entertaining.

The Doragrossa Rosolio presents exotic notes of cinnamon and cloves along with the freshness of anise and lemon peel.

700 ml

30% Vol.


The word “elixir” was originally used solely for the compounds prepared by pharmacists and alchemists for purely medical purposes. With the advent of chemical pharmacy, the elixirs lost their original function and moved from the pharmacy shelves to those of the liquor stores. Suitably reinterpreted and sweetened, they quickly caught on as a delicacy for the palate.

This delicately bitter liqueur, like the jarred candies of the old grocery stores, comes from the blend of the delightfully bitter taste of rhubarb with the pure freshness of mint.

700 ml

20% Vol.


Mint is an aromatic herb that has always been much appreciated in Piedmont, perhaps due to its geographical and cultural proximity to neighbouring France. Production is concentrated in the small town of Pancalieri. Due to its quality, it is included in the "Paniere dei prodotti tipici della provincia di Torino" and has long been appreciated around the world.

This is a fresh and refreshing liqueur based on the purest Pancalieri mint, recognised for its unique organoleptic qualities.

700 ml

24% Vol.